My name is Patricia Richards-Skensved, preferably Tricia rather than Trisha and definitely not Pat. The “difficult to pronounce name” in the double barrel is from my time married to a Dane and has had many variations over the years – some examples are Skinsled, Skensford, Skensvid and so on, although I haven’t yet been called Smorgasbord. Anyway, I now live in London with a Scotsman who also likes to walk, although he’d rather be heading up Monroes  in the Scottish Highlands than tramping around the coast of Britain. I moved back to Britain in 1998 but my daughter still lives in Copenhagen.

What I do

When I am not walking or singing or swimming I work in an Adult Education College in  London teaching English to people who want to learn it. These include asylum seekers, refugees and European immigrants. I am also an examiner which means I can work in Denmark once a month – this gives me a chance to speak some Danish, eat smoked herring and rye bread and visit family and friends.

Small COVID edit – I now live in Denmark, travelling back to London every 3 months (ish) and I am now teaching online from Copenhagen when I’m not playing with my two grandchildren.

Why this walk? 

I love the sea, enjoy walking and really need an activity to calm me down! The idea came to me one morning back in 2011 and searching the net I found I was not the only one – there is even a couple with two small children trying to do the same thing! And that’s how it started……..P1050741

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Tricia, I found your blog via ‘Ruth’s Coastal Walk’ . All the best with your trek around the UK coastline, a fantastic goal. I’ve done stretches of the South-west, Fife and South-East coastal path, but covering the whole of the UK as you’re doing sounds fantastic! Look forward to hearing more of your journey.

  2. Hi Tricia, we met on you on the road to The Lizard on a mystical sea misty morning. Wishing you all the best on your adventure! Love&light……. Rachel, Lee and Darcy dog (Devon Gardening)

    • Hi Rachel,

      Thank you so much for the lift and friendly vibrations – I will be writing up the 3 days walking on the Lizard next week. Keep safe and happy.

      Tricia x

  3. Really enjoying dipping into your blog! I’m hoping to start the coastal walk next year and it’s great to read about what lies ahead. Best, Jules

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