The red line on the map shows my progress and will of course change very little day to day – but in the words of LaoTzu “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with one small step” – and I have roughly seven thousand to cover………ho hum.


19 thoughts on “Home

    • Yes the ones on my blog links are the ones I’ve found and some have finished and some only doing parts of it – I admire the family doing it with two small children! Have you found others?

    • Now you’ve done it I need to tell you that when you get an email with the most recent post you won’t get the Google map at the end – to see the map you need to click on “view larger map” . This is because the iframe code used for embedding the map doesn’t like emails apparently.

  1. Receive the comment but not the blog

    No worries, Marcus sends it to me, and i can’t comment via mail, cos u don’t
    Receive my mail, cos of my stupid server. Technology is such fun!

  2. What kinda god damn server have you got lady? Oh and remember if you want to see the map you may have to click on a link at the bottom – sorry can’t be more specific than that…………are you and yer man around next weekend?

    Tricia x

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