Hastings to Camber Sands | 25.9.11

costal_walk_3Hopped over to Winchelsea since I had already walked Hastings to Winchelsea in another life. Spent quite a lot of time, along with several other people, trying to find Spike Milligan’s grave in the local church. Seeing, not for the first time no doubt, knots of people with puzzled faces wandering about, the vicar came out to save us with the disappointing news that Spike’s wife had taken the headstone away to be re-furbished. I do hope she doesn’t get rid of the famous inscription “I told them I was ill”. I then get lost for a while, but to compensate I whip through Rye to the roar of motorbikes, on to the fluted wet sands of Camber and the languid flight of far off kites.

Distance: 6 miles

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