Teynham to Faversham 27.08.12

P1020662From Teynham station past fields of fruit trees laden with fruit and on to the sailing boats of Conyer. From there I walk along a wide grassy track with mud flats on the one side and rows of whispering bullrushes on the other.











Carcasses of sailing boats and other debris litter the banks.








In Faversham I try to visit a friend of a friend who lives in this wonderful tin church but no-one home.


Distance: 12 miles

2 thoughts on “Teynham to Faversham 27.08.12

  1. Oh – I didn’t realise these were coming through – this one is from 2011 or thereabouts and I was just updating them with maps – anyway, thank you for reading and yes I guess it may be mighty noisy when it rains! xx

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