Dartmouth to Stoke Fleming 24.7.14

Damian has gone back to London early this morning and I must follow later in the day but I can just squeeze five miles in before I go.P1040143Up the steep narrow residential road out of Dartmouth I bypass the castle and head up through the woods on a well marked path. Down below me is yet another little cove, a few people are out walking dogs, playing with boats. This one is called Sugary Cove.P1040142

Ahead of me a german couple are peering at a map, making plans for the day. I pass by with a greeting and they reply with a hesitant good morning. They decide to follow me until sometime later when the path is diverted due to slippage and I am forced to scramble up a very steep grassy hill – when I look back they are gone.

P1040144Out to sea is a small rocky island with sharp pinnacles, I think this must be Meg Rock. This is a lovely easy walk compared to the torture of yesterday and although sunny it is cooler. Not much happens, I enjoy the sea air, the beautiful wild flowers and the views. Later on I meet dog walkers and on one of the last gates I see a sign which makes me laugh.P1040148And here is the afore-mentioned flicking stick – all I see is trouble but there must be a knack…….P1040150P1040149

Moving on from scatological studies I follow the lane inland and end up on a very narrow road leading down to Stoke Fleming. Just up from the village shop I can get a bus back to Dartmouth. I have twenty minutes to wait which I spend thinking about how to get back to Torquay – steam train? ferry? bus? As it happens I go for all three. I catch the tugboat ferry to Kingswear and arrive just in time for the steam train to Paignton. The train is hot and crowded and the wool upholstery is unbearable. I get up and stand by the door trying for a photo but it’s difficult to lean out far enough to get a good photo.P1040152The train rumbles slowly on and eventually we arrive in Paignton where I take a few more photos.


On the harbour wall I wait in the blinding heat for the ferry to Torquay………….


and then a bus to the station………….and a train to Paddington………..and the tube to Victoria………and the train to Herne Hill. Home again…….

Distance: Four and half miles


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