Angle Point to Pembroke 1.1.17

Angle Point, on the first day of 2017 is wet, grey and cold – but it is January after all………


As we step out of the car the wind picks up and pushes us firmly down the path running along the expanse of mud and sand that makes up Angle Bay. It starts to rain, heavily, and for the umpteenth time I find myself thinking “What the hell are you doing this for? ” But I always come back for more.

Across the bay is the oil refinery, so wonderfully lit up last night…………



At one point the path leaves the estuary and runs through fields of sodden vegetables –  inspired by his Danish Christmas dinner, Damian decides to help himself to a red cabbage.


The path curves round in front of the massive brooding structures of the oil refinery.  On the tarmac some brave souls are setting up for a spot of wind surfing  – I can think of nicer places to do it.

We are now walking on a narrow tarmac road leading to Popton Point with its Victorian stone fort built to protect the industries of Milford Haven. It is now owned by Texaco and closed to the public. A long jetty extends out into the estuary where a couple of large ships are docked.



We follow the Welsh Coast Path signs off right, round the back of the oil refinery and through a pleasant stretch of woodland which allows us glimpses of moored ships.



Leaving the power station at Pwllcrochan behind we find ourselves walking through the middle of a farmyard. Battered caravans, wrecked cars and rusty agricultural machinery are strewn around the yard and it is eerily quiet. I keep expecting a wild man with his mad dog to rush out and demand to know what we’re doing – it’s all a bit Deliverance.

Eventually, after a few dead ends and tense discussions Damian finds a battered sign pointing to the path – thank goodness.

From now on there are no photos as it starts to rain and anyway the path is on the road for a while until we turn off left back to the coast, past the sewage works and back on to the road that takes us through Monkton and into Pembroke. Not the best walk of my life.

Distance: 14 miles






2 thoughts on “Angle Point to Pembroke 1.1.17

  1. I like to think of it as another 15 miles of coast path that’s fallen under Tricia’s boots. We stayed in some nice pubs and b&bs, drank some good local beers and tempers didn’t get too frayed at any point. And I got to tell some of my oft repeated stories …..

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