Machynlleth to Tre’r ddol 24.8.19

Any opportunity to join a few dots and this one is a visit to Damian’s sister Carmel who’s just bought a house in Aberdovey (Aberdyfi) on the west coast of Wales…………….but that’s tomorrow.

The punishing pull up the tarmac lane just outside Machynlleth does reward us with a view of the town and a chance to catch our breath. We are starting late and it is already very very hot.


We are on the Welsh Coast Path which actually doesn’t follow the coast here, as it has to go inland to circumvent the wide estuary of the river Dovey. The narrow tarmac lane winds up and up, passing a rather sad produce box that has seen better days.


We are then directed off the lane onto a clearly marked track through the trees – I do love the shell symbol of the Welsh Coast Path.


………….especially in ceramic, as they are all along the promenade in Penarth where my parents lived.  This photo is take from the great blog written by Charles Hawes who completed the Welsh Coast Path in 2015.

The path then opens up to beautiful views over wooded hills and fields and it suddenly strikes me how much I miss of this by sticking to the coast. Of course coastal scenery has its own beauty but dipping into countryside like this is very refreshing.


A little later the path leads us into an area of managed forest – a lot of logging has been going on and we pass large graveyards of tree stumps – necessary but a little sad.


……….and then down into the Llyfnant Valley, walking beside the banks of a pretty little river.


Climbing up out of the valley into a wide area of grassland called Foel Fawr, stunning views of the estuary open up so we stop for a rest and eat the last of our provisions. Walking in the heat means that hunger signals are not as clear as they should be but food is needed for energy.


We are now down to half a bottle of water but soon our path crosses a stream and we stop for a drink and a refill. To cross the stream is a wooden bridge, constructed with regional development funds from the good old EU.




Then follows a couple of “lost in a field” episodes where the sign points into the field but not where to get out of it. The sheep must wonder…….


…………..and then finally down into the hamlet of Tre’r ddol where we devour ice creams and ginger beer while we wait for the bus back to Machynlleth.

Distance: 11 miles

2 thoughts on “Machynlleth to Tre’r ddol 24.8.19

  1. Carmel’s house is quite near Borth! Interesting walk being more inland. Liked the little EU funded bridge. Damian must have been hot! Xx

  2. such beautiful countryside..and punishing walking at times (I find cycling in the heat easier than walking though recently I miscalculated…got sick(:)) ….especially in the heat…..was reading about John Francis, The PlanetWalker, and thought about you……felt a bit breathless!!! Cheers to both of you…xjen

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