Sandy Haven to Dale 19.7.20

The tide tables website for Sandy Haven has been sitting saved on my computer screen for months, winking at me every time I sit in front of my laptop. Finally, I get to use it so when we turn up at 12 noon the tide is out, allowing us to get across the narrow estuary instead of a 4 mile walk around it, mostly on roads. There used to be stepping stones here but health and safety regulations have been at work and the stones have been replaced by a wide concrete path – bit of a shame.


Leaving the muddy beach behind we turn left and climb up through woods up onto the cliffs. We pass Little Castle Head, the sight of an ancient fort and then Great Castle head which sports a beacon of some sort – maybe for navigation?


It is hot and although I know that this will be a short walk I already feel tired – perhaps due to the long drive yesterday from London. We have also not been walking since March, pre-Covid, pre-new grandchild and myself in Denmark for 4 months.

Well – it is a beautiful day and the views are beautiful, particularly the deep rust red of the cliffs.



…………and vibrant purple of these flowers that line the path.


At Monk Haven we are faced with a high and low road and Damian decides to ignore the high tide route and take his chances on the beach – I follow although not entirely certain that this is the right choice. But all is well and we soon come to Musselwick after which the path swings upwards to circumvent an area of marshland and we cross a long gang plank over the muddy ground of the Gann river and carry on down into Dale.


Dale hosts a cafe and pub/restaurant so, as it is relatively early, we opt for a cup of tea and a Welsh cake. Covid restrictions mean a long wait in a queue but the village is busy with people taking off and arriving in boats, kayaks and on paddle boards. The pub’s clientele are packed along the sea wall clutching pints, while children in wetsuits swarm around their parents’ legs demanding attention – there is a lot to entertain us.

Unfortunately neither of us remember to take a photo of the village. ……..sigh.

Distance: 5 miles




1 thought on “Sandy Haven to Dale 19.7.20

  1. Beautiful blue skies, red cliffs and purple flowers. Yes shame about the stepping stones but nice to see you in your walking gear.Glad you got a cup of tea and Welsh cake! Xx

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