Cwm yr Eglwys to Newport 26.7.20

This walk was oh so long ago during the tentative re-opening after the first wave of COVID. We all thought that was it but how wrong we were.

Anyway, finally got round to writing this in the hope that I may be able to head west to the Welsh coast soooooooon.

Heading out east from a sleepy Cwm yr Eglwys we arrive at a pretty little beach where a family are busy preparing to set out in kayaks.

And as I can’t remember much from this walk (it was 10 months ago), all I can say is that we follow the cliff up high and then dip down twice to two inlets Aber Forest and Aber Rhigian.

Damian poses for a pic on a wooden bridge at the first inlet …….

And as we get closer to a village called Parrog we walk across another – quite unusual bridge.

Just before walking down into Newport Sands we walk past a series of jagged rocks which a gang of young people are enthusiastically using as diving/jumping rocks. It looks a bit dangerous but one would have to assume they know the terrain and what lurks where under the surface of the water. Damian indulges in a bit of mansplaining.

Down we go, following the path alongside the estuary……………………………………………..

Walking into Newport Sands I hear the sound of sobbing coming from a young boy who is being led out of the water. I have no idea what was happening before this but all the children look pretty cold.

This has been a short walk because we are due to drive back to London today. Little did we know that it would be a VERY LONG TIME before we could even think of coming back.

Distance: 3 miles

8 thoughts on “Cwm yr Eglwys to Newport 26.7.20

  1. Seems a long time ago now…..can’t wait to get back to do more! You can also look forward to many more explanations on various topics…..oh yes, can’t wait!

  2. Pretty little walk. Brave young people jumping from the rocks . DANGEROUS as Dad would say!! Hope you can continue your walk soonxx

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