Penychain to Pwllheli 8.3.22

From our hotel in Cricceth we take the train to Penychain, where we started last time on our walk to Porthmadog – this time we are walking in the opposite direction. I am amazed that the train actually stops here because as far as I can see there is nothing but a lone farmhouse, which we pass by a few minutes later. However, on closer examination of the map I realise that there is a camping site close by so I guess all those happy campers are grateful for this service.

Anyway, after getting a bit lost we find ourselves back on a wide grassy path which leads down to the sea.

…………………a single post points us in the right direction.

……and soon we are back on the beach with a straight run into Pwllheli.

Up behind the sand dunes we can see signs of habitation – wooden lodges protected from any rogue tides by heavy granite boulders.

After a couple of miles we are directed off the beach and up into the sand dunes and soon we can see Pwllheli harbour. Presiding over the harbour is an interesting looking building which turns out to be Plas Heli, the Welsh National Sailing Academy.

This is a non-profit community enterprise with facilities for fund raising events, storage for local sailing clubs and boating experiences for children.

As we walk along the rather bleak seafront to the station it starts to rain and I am glad we are going no further today. Fingers crossed for sunshine tomorrow.

Distance: 4 miles

3 thoughts on “Penychain to Pwllheli 8.3.22

  1. Good to see more photographs of me….keep up the good work. This was a great little short walk to get us into the swing of things to come. A gentle start.
    I also really like the hotel Tricia had booked us into. In these isolated places you often don’t have a lot of choose so it can be a bit hit or miss. The George the Fifth was deffo a hit. It might have been quite grand back in the day but was certainly faded grandeur now. Think wallpaper peeling in the dining room and red swirly carpets through out. It also seemed incredibly empty, which was at odds with the large amount of staff and the slight atmosphere of panic about the place. What we didn’t know was that two coach loads of seniors were about to overrun the place, Saga holiday style. A tsunami of geriatrics. This had the unexpected side effect of making me feel young, bright and full of energy. If you’re beginning to feel old yourself I suggest you try a stay at the George V Crickieth. Better value than a stay at an expensive spa…….I felt fully rejuvenated.

  2. Nice little walk . Good to hear about the non profit making Sailing Academy. Your comments about the hotel made me laugh Damian😆

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