Saron to Dinas Dille 6.7.22

The bus driver does a double take when we get on the bus at Dinas Dille and ask for one way tickets to Saron – ” blink and you’ll miss it” he quips, I guess he doesn’t get many tourists coming here. This is the chapel and gives you an idea of what the rest of the village looks like.

So out of the bus we come and head down the very narrow minor road (I’m amazed there is even a bus service) towards the edge of Foryd Bay. This will be quite a short walk today – the last of our trip and if we’re lucky we’ll make it before the wonderful cafe in Dinas Dille stops serving lunch. Reaching the “coast” we walk for about a mile alongside the marshland of the bay and then back inland, heading south through some farm buildings where I hold my breath waiting for the sound of dogs barking and then north again up to a campsite.

Here again I am reminded of the Essex marshes but on a minor scale. ……

After walking through the campsite we start to see the buildings of Cærnarfon Airport and very soon the deafening roar of a helicopter landing. The red helicopter in the photo is for search and rescue but it’s not this one that’s making all the noise. A little way up the landing strip is a menacing looking military machine landing and getting ready to take off again – I assume it’s a refuelling stop. We watch as two men at a five minute interval come running across the field and clamber into the machine. Both of them attempt to close the door but fail. Eventually the helicopter takes off with the door wide open – I suppose they know what they’re doing.

After so much excitement we decide to go round the museum, which is curiously compelling with its stories of daring do from the Second World War and recent RAF rescue operations.

I like the lady providing tea and sympathy for the boys……….

Leaving the airport it’s a sharp left turn and a walk down the windy beech of Dinas Dille. The cafe is still open and we both have poached egg on toast accompanied by the freshest tastiest local grown greens I have ever tasted (from the local organic farmstead apparently).

It is now time to drive back to London……………….

Distance: 4 miles

8 thoughts on “Saron to Dinas Dille 6.7.22

  1. Interesting little walk, except for the drab looking chapel in Saron.Yes those marshes do look
    familiar. I didn’t know about the airport at Caernafon but it is only for the military? I wonder also how the helicopter managed with the open door! Glad you enjoyed the museum . Your snack at Dinas Dille sounds tasty. All these Welsh places I have never heard of! Xx

  2. Yes – the airport is not a commercial one – just used for search and rescue and training courses. The museum was brilliant – very informative, pity I can’t remember much of it! xx

  3. Well done Tricia, I think that’s the last walk report from our last batch of walks. It’s always good to read these as they generally bring back good memories. Let’s hope it won’t be too long before we get another chance? X

  4. You’ve broken my speakers……..
    As the old RAF chaps would say; “I say, you’re a pretty young thing, aren’t you, two lumps please”.

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