Watcombe to Torquay 5.7.14

IMG_0861Extricating myself from the dubious attractions of Torquay takes a while but I finally hit on the right bus that can take me more or less to where I stopped yesterday. Through the Valley of Rocks, down to the signpost and up onto the path to Babbacombe. This part of the walk is beautiful, through quiet woods on well marked paths, the sea sparkling in the morning sun down below me. IMG_0862I make good progress and get quite excited when I see that part of the route means a ride on the Babbacombe Cliff Railway.

IMG_0868IMG_0867IMG_0870Built in the 20’s it was dismantled at the start of the 2nd world war for security reasons and after reinstatement almost died a death a couple of times but for local support. In 2006/7 it was re-opened after a complete overhaul and refurbishment. I am alone in the carriage which shuttles me down to Oddicombe Beach and a cup of tea in the visitor centre.

Moving south I walk on the concrete path, over a large rock on a wooden walkway where some boys are swimming and on to the village of Babbacombe. IMG_0872

IMG_0873From here it’s looks difficult to walk following the coast and time is getting on – I have a train to catch. Asking for directions from a very sweaty jogger who kindly stops to help me I walk left around the back of the pub and up through woodland to the top of the cliff where the landscape opens out into  a large open area known as Walls Hill. From here there are not many signs so I walk in the general direction of the road. At one point a narrow path is signposted down to Amstey’s Cove but a barrier and warning signs of slippage have been set up – two young boys carrying surf boards calmly walk around the signs and set off down the side of the very steep cliff – I am content with taking a picture. IMG_0877I am soon out on a road which leads to the Palace Hotel and then a bus to the station.

Distance: 5 miles

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