Burnham on Sea to Uphill 14.10.17

This has to be the quote of the day, splashed onto the sea wall at Burnham – but what is it trying to say?


….and equally, what is this strange edifice further up the beach? I’m surprised it hasn’t been turned into a “luxury apartment”. I later discover that it is a listed building that still functions as a lighthouse.


……..and later on a sign of extraterrestrial visitation a la Erich Von Daniken?


……but these are decidedly terrestrial beings, plodding along up the beach. I always get a twinge of excitement when I see horses but these do look a little tired and fed up.


By this time I have been walking on sand for 30 minutes, making very good progress when I start to see cars on the beach – a little strange.


…….and then this makes me smile as there is no fence on either side of the gate, slightly surreal.


……..and then I discover what all the cars with people have come to see – sand yachting.



It looks fun, the drivers are almost horizontal as they whizz past me like grounded dragonflies.

From the unfriendly signs planted in the dunes I realise that I must be close to a village and on consulting the map I see that I have walked past my turn off into the village of Bean. Turning around I start walking back and soon find the path through the dunes which will take me to the road.


From Brean there is a path up the peninsula up the hill named Brean Down but as far as I can see I will have to come back the same way unless I’m up for a bit of trespassing which I’m not – so I’ll save that for another day. Instead I am taking a road and then a short stretch of a cycle path inland.


From where I turn off the cycle path I am walking on narrow roads with quite a lot of traffic. It is not pleasant but I cover distances quickly. A section of the road has been recently tarmacked and reminds me of my new perfume “Charcoal” by Lyn Harris. The description of this perfume alludes, amongst other things, to her visits to her grandfather in Scotland and remembering the smell of the coal she would help to bring in for the fire. IMG_3660

At a place called Wick Farm I turn off onto a footpath across fields, but the path is very overgrown and it’s hard work. All too soon I’m back on an extremely straight road which runs alongside the railway line until I can turn off up a cycle path.


The walk through Bleadon Level is mostly gravel paths across salt marshes until I enter the parkland which overlooks the marina at Uphill. IMG_3665


IMG_3668I now start to see people for the first time since I left the beach at Brean – ahead is Uphill castle. IMG_3667

There is also a persistent sound of revving engines coming from the other side of the town and stopping to talk to a dog walker I discover that the beach at Uphill has been taken over for an annual motorbike racing competition. The noise fills the air and is slightly annoying. What is even more annoying is that the event means that I cannot walk along the beach to Weston Super Mare unless I pay the extortionate entrance fee.

So that will be another day as well.

Distance: 12 miles





4 thoughts on “Burnham on Sea to Uphill 14.10.17

  1. Im not sure what the flat earth sign was saying either! Liked the lighthouse and the sand yachts with Steep holme in the distance. Your perfume sounds interesting, I can conjure up the smell! Shame you couldn’t get to Weston super Mare. Not a very original name for the castle!

  2. Well that sounds an exciting walk…..motor bikes and sand yachts! I would have liked that one. As always the photos help unfortunates like us to feel as though we were there !
    Keep up the good work.

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