Carnforth to Silverdale 26.11.17

On our way back from Gretna Green – now Mr. and Mrs. – we decide we have time for a short walk before continuing to Damian’s sister in the Midlands.


Our walk begins at Carnforth – scene of the film Brief Encounter and the beginning of another one of our walks some months ago. Last time we walked south to Morecambe – this time we’re heading north.

From the station we follow the main road, under the railway bridge and left down a wide tarmacked track that leads out into the marshes. The sun is already quite low in the sky so no dawdling today.IMG_4810We are following the Lancashire coast path which leads us past Warton Crag but the directions on my phone are not what we’re seeing on the ground and we find ourselves trudging through soggy fields for a while before spying the rotten broken down stile which takes us back to the road. This diversion has wasted 20 minutes of our precious time but despite my urging to get a move on, Damian stops to say hello to a goat – I wait.

At the bottom of a hill our route branches off left back onto the wetlands – I worry that the path may be under water, looking at the large pools glinting in the weak sunshine. But no – the path is slightly raised and perfectly dry – we start to see dog walkers and signs to Jenny Browns Point. Approaching the point it almost looks like the path ends at the very exposed row of cottages but fortunately after a short scrabble over the rocks we are back onto a country lane.

IMG_4815From here the walk is uneventful, down a narrow country road passing Gibraltar Farm where we stop to sample their raw milk. Neither of us had ever tasted raw milk and I must say it didn’t taste a lot different – the jury is out on whether the health benefits outweigh the dangers. IMG_4817

IMG_4820 (1)

By now the light is fading and it starts to rain – but we don’t have far to go. Arriving at Silverdale station we have just enough time for a quick cup of tea in the National Trust cafe before catching the train back to Carnforth.


Not one of the most memorable walks but worth doing all the same.

Distance: 6 miles

3 thoughts on “Carnforth to Silverdale 26.11.17

  1. Your first walk as Mr and Mrs. I think I have tasted raw milk once! Cute calf. Glad you managed the walk before the weather closed inXx

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