New Quay to Cwmtydu 16.7.21

New Quay is a busy little town and full of tourists. As there is zero parking we leave the car in a carpark up the hill and walk down to the seafront for coffee. It is going to be a short walk today as we need a bit of a rest.

Setting off west towards Cwmtydu we think we find the coastal path up on the cliffs but find ourselves coming to a stop just above New Quay’s seafood processing plant which has been in trouble over the years due to the number of shells it deposits on the town’s beaches. Whelk shells are apparently sharp and are not only a nuisance for soft bare feet but also interfere with boat engines. Two thousand tonnes of shells deposited per year is rather a lot……………………

After a bit of a meander we find the path again and continue up along the cliffs. From here on the walk is beautiful with wonderful views. At one point the path branches off down some steps to a lookout station which we’re told is a good place for dolphin spotting. Inside there is a bench and posters of sea birds and other wild life – we stop for 5 minutes but see no dolphins.

The halfway mark for our walk is the nature reserve Craig yr Adar where we stop for a drink and a rest.

We are then treated to short stretches of cool shade – a little respite from the blazing sun.

…………and soon we find ourselves on the steep, narrow path leading down to the beach at Cwmtydu.

It is a stony beach but we are so hot and sweaty that we take a dip – boots and all.

Distance: 3 miles

4 thoughts on “New Quay to Cwmtydu 16.7.21

  1. Lovely short walk. Yes all those shells must be annoying in New Quay. Shame you didn’t spot a dolphin but it looked a good place to stand and stare. I bet you enjoyed cooling off in the nature reserve at Craig y Adar and the sea at Cymtydu ! Xx

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