Llanrhystud to Llanon 18.7.21

A half day walk to day to shorten the long walk to Aberystwyth tomorrow. There is no real road access on the stretch from Llanrhystud to Aberystwyth and it’s too long a walk from Llanon. These kind of logistics are an integral part of coast walking and take time to work out but anyway dear reader I’m sure you don’t really give a damn. We drive to Llanrhystud leaving the car at the top of the track leading down to the coast.

There are quite a lot of people around, most of them from the nearby camping site, and although the beach is mostly shingle, there are stretches of sand.

At the end of the beach the path leads us off left – Damian thinks we can walk the whole way on the beach but after consulting the map I decline.

We walk first on a grassy bank above the beach and then through fields until we reach a track that leads down to a church. On either side of the path are high hedges which means we can’t see the cows who nevertheless hail our arrival with slobbery snuffling and occasional low mooing.

I suddenly realise that we are on the outskirts of Llanon – there are a few pretty cottages and a bridge over a stream where I sit and wait for Damian who never misses an opportunity to talk to a cow.

We then walk up to the high street to catch the bus back to our car. Back in Aberaeron that evening we go on the hunt for food and find a pop up restaurant in a tent close to our Bnb. The food is Asian fusion and tastes absolutely wonderful. We later discover that the chef has worked for Gordon Ramsey in a previous life. Beer is provided by the pub across the road with the sensational window box and hanging baskets. Life is good.

After dinner we take a stroll down to the harbour to watch the sun set, an experience only slightly marred by a message on a lamp post – well I am half Welsh…………………..

Distance: 3 miles

1 thought on “Llanrhystud to Llanon 18.7.21

  1. Cows are better behind hedges they can be a bit scary ! The food looks great and the pink pub. What does the sign say? Something about keeping the English out? Beautiful sunsetxx

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