LLanrhystud to Aberystwyth 19.7.21

First mistake of the day is driving down to where we started yesterday for our walk back to Llanon. I had not studied the map carefully enough and thought we could just turn right but no there is a river to cross and no bridge over it. Back we go up the minor road, park the car and follow signs for a caravan park, after which we turn off right on to the coast path.

It’s another hot day and we have quite a long walk with no comfort stops so our bags are full of sandwiches and biscuits but most of all water, lots of it.

The climb up on to the cliffs is very very steep and to make matters worse we also manage to get lost in a field (yes – it can happen). We eventually rejoin the path which is now lined with prickly thistles – delightful when you’re wearing shorts.

Some time later the landscape opens up and flattens out and we make good progress, although our stomachs are growling and there is no shade to stop for lunch. I find myself envying the sheep.

Eventually, after what seems like forever, we find a spot with partial shade from some snarled, twisted trees that overhang a sunken grassy lane. Underneath the vegetation are stone walls – it reminds me of a lane I walked along years ago which I later learned was an ancient highway – enchanting.

I peel off my rucksack, and after clearing any stray nettles, we settle down for a welcome rest. I later discover I have no photo of the spot so I’ve used one from a fellow walker who decided to stop in the same place. Hope she doesn’t mind.

A mile later we start to see our destination in the distance.

But before we get to the long curved sweep of the shingle beach we are faced with an extremely steep descent down a narrow, stoney, dirt path with no steps – I’m very glad I have my pole with me.

As I pick my way gingerly down the steep slope I can see a path off to my right which curves around the cliff and looks like we may not have reached the town at all – my heart sinks. Fortunately that is not the case, as there is a stone bridge across the river and a road through the town, leading down to the seafront where we think there may be a few pubs.

We don’t actually make it that far as a side street beckons with cold beer.

This has been a wild walk where we have been pretty much on our own – it’s now unfortunately time to go home to London.

Distance: 11 miles

4 thoughts on “LLanrhystud to Aberystwyth 19.7.21

  1. That sounds like a hot and at times a difficult walk. Beautiful blue sky/sea. Glad you found a pub at the end. Your legs look nice and brown!

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